CNC Precision Engineering

Offering superb accuracy, due to their all in one turn, mill and drill capability, each part of our clasp is manufactured in Sheffield on a sliding head five axis CNC lathe. Our precision engineers work to extremely fine tolerances, meaning all of our components are accurate to a Micron (one thousandth of a millimetre).

Aerospace Grade PVD Coating

The Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) process is used by Bailey of Sheffield for the coloured CABLE stainless steel bracelets and beads.

The colours we use are normally hidden inside high performance engines such as F1 and aeroplanes. Each colour also has an engineering application, with for example the Gold and Anthracite colours used on drill bits and tooling to harden the material.

Although it is technically a coating the PVD process actually interrupts the surface and adds between 2 and 4 microns of colouring, making the coating part of the steel itself.

Our Petrol colour is totally unique to every single component we manufacture. It can range from Green, to Blue, Purple and even tones of Gold. Due to the nature of the PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) process for this colour we are proud to confirm that no two components will ever look the same. 

Another unique characteristic of the Petrol PVD is that over the course of time the colour will slowly change from blues/greens and purples through to lighter tones finishing at a gold colour.

Our Workshop

Our workshop is situated in Sheffield at Portland Works, the birthplace of stainless steel manufacturing. Commissioned in 1876 and completed by 1879 it is one of the last remaining working examples of a purpose built metal trades factory.