Many of our beads are engravable - including the signature bead which comes with every bracelet! We are able to engrave text or images - as long as you hold the rights to the image. 


There are lots of things you can engrave! You can choose just a word or two of text, or a few lines on our bigger beads.

~ Engrave a special date, signature or some co-ordinates of a meaningful place.

~ A handwritten message just from you or a loved one!

~ Logos, line drawings and emojis are all possible. We can do fingerprints, handprints, footprints and pawprints too!

Photographs are often very difficult, but we may be able to help you so please contact us with your image for advice.

We are unable to engrave images of logos that you do not own the rights to i.e. brand names/logos, football club badges.

We accept png or jpg up to 5mb.