We recommend ordering the bespoke option.

It is our preference to get an exact wrist measurement to build a perfectly sized bracelet each time. We add 10 - 15mm to your wrist measurement, which allows for any extra beads in the future and a comfortable fit.

Measure tightly to the skin, do not allow any space or your bracelet will be too large.

To measure your wrist, take a length of string or a strip of paper, wrap it around your wrist and mark the two points where it crosses. Lay the string or paper against a ruler. This measurement is the circumference of your wrist, which you need to record in centimetres.

If you cannot get a wrist measurement, we have the following standard sizes:
Please note: most people are a size smaller than they expect.

Size Bracelet size Wrist size
Bespoke Made to fit you perfectly You tell us
Extra Small 17*cm approx. 16cm
Small 19*cm approx. 18cm
Medium  20*cm approx. 19cm
Large 21*cm approx. 20cm
Extra Large 22.5*cm approx. 21.5cm

* +/- 4mm

If the bracelet is a surprise present, we understand that it can be awkward trying to get a wrist size. Our small and medium sizes are your safest bet as it is easier for us to resize them without charging a fee. Large and extra large bracelets often need to be exchanged or resized. Feel free to contact us if your bracelet is to be gifted and we can advise.

Resize charges may be applicable. A resize of a standard bracelet from our collection could be subject to a £25 fee. A resize of a customised bracelet could be subject to a £50 fee. Sending us your wrist size is the best way to avoid a resize.