Stainless Steel Mini Mixer Bead
Stainless Steel Mini Mixer Bead

Stainless Steel Mini Mixer Bead

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The playful and innovative Mini Mixer Bead is a smaller version of the original Mixer Bead. This is the perfect piece to accompany any colour CABLE™ Bracelet. Each bead can be customised with three multi-coloured circular rotating Romer rings. 

The discs are available in both 316L marine grade stainless steel and extra tough anodised aerospace grade aluminium.

The stainless steel Romers are available in our eight PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) colours:- Petrol, Anthracite, Polished Black, Matte Black, Rainbow, Graphite, Rose Gold and Matte Gold as well as the original Stainless Steel.

The aluminium Romers are available in nine stunning bright colour finishes: Alu White Silver, Alu Pink, Alu Red, Alu Blue, Alu Green, Alu Gold, Alu Orange, Alu Black and Alu Purple.

* Please note these Alu Romers are NOT stainless steel so they will wear over time *

All aluminium rings can be affected by extreme changes in PH levels, please bare this in mind. Essentially anything very acidic or alkaline has the potential to effect the anodised colour, so at one end of the scale are things like bleach/chlorine and at the other end is lemon juice.