Stainless Steel Word Play Bead

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The clever Word Play bead is another playful kinetic concept in the Bailey of Sheffield range. Four moving discs, set with 48 magnets, inspired by the classic tumbler lock system, are designed to be spun around separately and click into place to create multiple four letter words.

The Naughty bead - what can be say? Only those of us with a cheeky mind will be able to work out the eight bad words on this bead! You have been warned, it’s extremely NSFW and strictly for 18 years+

The Nice bead - this one’s more rainbows and butterflies, there are definitely eight lovely positive words to find and a whole host more when you get going!

 This is our only bead that comes with a slight warning. This piece is still made from the same marine grade stainless steel, however, due to the 48 magnets we mount into the rings, we strongly advise that this bead is not subjected to long periods of time in water or salt water