Sheffield, Yorkshire. Famous for it's steel industry and Portland Works being the birthplace of stainless steel manufacturing courtesy of Mr Harry Brearley.

Did you know, there is in fact more than just the one Yorkshire-based Sheffield….

There are in fact a total of 13 different Sheffield's on Earth! Including our own fair city, there are 12 other towns, villages and cities named Sheffield, all located in the United States.

Perhaps the most exciting, excluding the original Steel city obviously, is the city of Sheffield in Colbert County, Alabama.

This Sheffield is the birthplace of actor, former senator and presidential contender Fred Thompson, the Watergate committee US Senator Howell Heflin and the US Senator Mitch McConnell. It is often referred to as "the City of Senators" due to the birth of the three within its borders. 

The city is also home to the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio where many popular musicians have recorded their work, including amongst many more; Cher, The Rolling Stones, The Osmonds, Aretha Franklin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Simon & Garfunkel, George Michael and Rod Stewart.

In 1940 the Reynolds Metal Company set up its first aluminum smelting facility within the city limits, beginning the wartime expansion of aircraft production in the US.

Sheffield is also a village in Bureau County, Illinois. This Sheffield was founded by Joseph E. Sheffield and Henry Farnam in 1852. Sheffield and Farnam designed and built the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad, and the town was first intended as a coal station for trains. According to stories the two men flipped a coin to see who the town would be named after. Sheffield wins!

Sheffield is also a city in Franklin County, Iowa with a population of 1,172.

Sheffield is a town in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Officially incorporated on June 22 1733, it was the first town in the area which is now Berkshire County. 

The ‘Sheffield Declaration’ was an early Colonial petition against British rule. Drawn up as a series of resolves it was approved by the town on January 12 1773. This Sheffield was also the site of the final and bloodiest battle during Shay’s Rebellion on February 27, 1787.

The only Sheffield named specifically after our very own city is a neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri. A post office called Sheffield was established in 1888, and remained in operation until 1902. The community's name is a direct transfer from our Yorkshire home.

Sheffield is also a village in Lorain County, Ohio situated on the Black River with a population of 3,982.

The smallest Sheffield of them all is a community in Pecos County, Texas. The community has an estimated population of just 600. The first documented Europeans to visit the area were Spanish explorer Gaspar Castaño de Sosa and his men, who arrived in 1590. The first settler was John Cannon, who arrived in 1888 and purchased land along the Pecos River. A post office was established on the land in 1898, with Will Sheffield as its first postmaster. Around 1900, a small settlement sprang up on land next to John Cannon’s ranch (owned by Mr. Sheffield) and the town then became known as Sheffield.

There is a Sheffield in Warren County, Pennsylvania with a population of 1,123.

The final Sheffield is a town in Caledonia County, Vermont. The most eco-friendly and forward-thinking of the Sheffield’s across the globe this town, as a result of the construction of a 40 megawatt wind farm with 16 turbines, is expected to receive $520,000 annually for the next 20 years from the production of renewable energy.