We are delighted to be able to say that we have now exported pieces of our stainless steel jewellery to 38 countries. We are also very proud to tell you that one of our newest overseas stockists, and the first over in Canada, is going from strength to strength with sales already exceeding all initial expectations within the first few months.

Blimey’s British Gift Store and Gift Shop in Harrow, Ontario, close to both Toronto in Canada and Detroit on the US border, was founded in 2013 by Carl and Rita Hulme. 


Carl was born and bred in England so it was an easy decision for them to open a store to carry unique and special British product. They decided to focus on good quality handmade pieces, which are at the very least made in the country of origin.  

Blimey’s have been our stockist in Canada since early 2019. They are located just four hours from Toronto in Ontario, which is the main region for the Canadian steel industry with six plants currently producing the material, and one hour drive from Detroit, a focal point for steel production in the US. This has meant the Bailey stainless steel bracelets have struck a chord with both locals and expat Brits alike, with a split of sales equally between expats, Canadians and US customers travelling over the border.

Founder of Bailey of Sheffield, Scott Bailey is very excited “We are really proud to be working with Carl and Rita at Blimey’s. They have been a breath of fresh air with their enthusiasm for our stainless steel jewellery and their sales figures speak for themselves in how they communicate the Bailey story to people in their store”

Scott goes on to say “To be working alongside passionate people who, like everyone at Bailey,  want to champion a high quality product with a rich background history being made in Sheffield, UK the world’s home of stainless steel manufacturing using Sheffield stainless steel is just brilliant. The fact we can also do a small part to celebrate quality steel products in a region known for its steel production in Canada is amazing. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Carl and Rita in 2019 and beyond!”

Carl, speaking at the Blimey’s store, said “We are thrilled to have found Bailey as we were looking for a jewellery line from the UK to complement what we currently handle. We are so pleased with the quality of the product, the service is incredible and the support has been great.  We originally thought the line would be purchased by mostly Men but the sales have been equal between female and male. Amazing people to deal with and a terrific product!