Romer Stoppers


Sold as a pack of two, these Romer Stoppers are a larger design than our original stoppers.

They are based on the very popular Romers which are sold separately as a coloured pack of eight or as part of the Mixer bead.

The large streamlined curves of this stopper add a touch of contemporary design inbetween your choice of beads.

The stoppers allow you to wear your bracelet and beads in any way you feel is comfortable and to display your bead choices how you choose to. If you want to keep your individual beads in particular positions on your CABLE™ bracelet, the stoppers allow you to separate them and lock them into position.


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  • Product Dimensions - Total Outer Dimension = 9mm / Width = 3.4mm / Central Hole = 5.15mm
  • Highest quality Marine Grade 316L stainless steel.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Engineered on a seventeen axis CNC lathe in Sheffield.
  • Hand finished in the Bailey of Sheffield workshop at Portland Works.

In the box

Romers Stoppers are supplied in bespoke Bailey of Sheffield packaging.

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