As a new owner of this bracelet there's just so many good things to say about this product so Il put them in numerical order. 1. Strength: This bracelet is strong enough to go through whatever really you put it through. You can wear in any envirement as well as water, sports, adventures, and not have to worry about it breaking or pulling apart. The strength is second to none, I've snagged it on miscellaneous things a few times and it holds very strong, however there is a fast safety release if in need of emergency situations to take it off rapidly with one hand. Its really not coming off though until you want it off. :) 2. Warranty: The more then lifetime guarentee is unheard of! The makers at Bailey and Sheffield want you to have this and cherish this piece for your ENTIRE life. And you immediatley feel that when you put it on your wrist. You become part of a family that you know has your back as long as you have it. And they stand behind it 110% 3. The locking mechinism: I cant even put into words. Its brilliant! You're bracelet will not come off accidently until you want it off. Its nearly impossible for their design to open unexpectedly. 4. If you ever decide to pass down or give your bracelet to a friend or family, the same guarentee now applies to them! they now become part of a team, and a family that has their back for life just as you did. Think of it as a battery that will never die. However if you ever want it charged or upgraded you send it back to them and they take care of it with what you would like. :) 5. The customer service team is excellent, they value their customers with value and priority that is unmatched anywhere else. Thank you so much Baily and Sheffield for making a bracelet that trumps the competition. I wear mine everyday and absolutly love it. Cheers, Adam