Chaser Bead, Hex Bead and Romer Stoppers

The team at Bailey of Sheffield are excited to reveal some of our latest additions to the CABLE™ stainless steel bracelet collection - including the incredible kinetic Chaser bead, larger Romer stoppers and the simple-yet-elegant Hex bead.

Take a look at some of our latest products…

Chaser Bead from Bailey of Sheffield

The Bailey stainless steel jewellery range carries on growing! The ingenious Chaser Bead is inspired by frictionless ball bearing assemblies found in the moving parts of bicycles, automobiles, turbines, and jet engines.

A wonderfully entertaining kinetic design using thirty case hardened stainless steel ball bearings and four precision engineered marine grade 316L stainless steel channels - this bead is not only striking to look at but is so much fun you won’t be able to stop playing around with it!

This is the perfect piece for anyone that likes intelligent and beautiful design with a little extra twist.

The Hex Bead is a simple yet elegant form designed with six equal faces. The Hex shape is one of the most common in the manufacturing world due to it's inherent strength and versatility.

The perfect addition for your CABLE stainless steel bracelet - this bead allows for laser engraved personalisation in six different positions, and three beads also together work perfectly on the Pendant Converter as part of a stainless steel necklace.

Sold as a pack of two, these Romer Stoppers are a larger design than our original stoppers.

They are based on the very popular Romers which are sold separately as a coloured pack of eight or as part of the Mixer bead.

The large streamlined curves of this stopper add a touch of contemporary design inbetween your choice of beads on any of the stainless steel bracelets in our range.



We have also introduced a new Facebook Group for past, present and future collectors of Bailey CABLE™ stainless steel bracelets, beads and accessories to come together, share and discuss your stories, photographs, suggestions and more. Join in the conversation at the 'Friends of Bailey of Sheffield' group.


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